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The power of the community to create health is far greater than any physician, clinic, or hospital.

Gyan Sanjivani Hospital is best ayurvedic hospital in India and one stop solution for all your health problems. You’ll Experience a Unique Method That Combines Historical Ayurveda Restoration with Western Medical Studies to Gain Stay-Enriching Results. This Is an Area Where You Will Reconnect with Your Internal Self and Rejuvenate Your Frame, Mind, Spirit, and Soul at the Same Time as Being One with Nature. We are Placed in Dotai/KhiIwai on Garh-Meerut road, Garhmukteshwar, Distt. Hapur (UP).

Gyan Sanjivani Hospital is one of North India’s prominent Ayurveda hospitals. We’re Empaneled under Ayushman and Take Delivery of All Predominant Health Insurance. We Are Proud to Have Handled Guests from Over One Hundred Countries, Facing All Kinds of Fitness Troubles with the Highest Achievement and Delight Charge.

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An institute cannot buy its spirit as it buys textbooks, nor can it have this spirit supplied as basic equipment. An institute’s spirit is built up within the institute itself. Institute of International Excellence is a friendly, vibrant, and highly motivated community that enjoys the reputation of being one of the most respected and admired coeducational welfare organizations.

Renowned for exclusivity and ability to educate a person as a whole – “head, heart and soul”- we understand that the education of our “would–be” teachers is not only a responsibility but a privilege.

The academic curriculum is the core around which life at IIE is built. In today’s world, education is the most important and powerful acquisition for those who want to have a fulfilling and successful future. A good education provides the necessary knowledge, skills, and values that allow a person to be both a high–income earner as well as being an understanding and compassionate human being. Our programs support and promote the values of openness and tolerance. The diversity of our offering enhances our ability to recognize the multiple talents that our students possess.

Most importantly, we recognize that a great institute is not just about grades, it’s about creativity, it’s about engagement in a broad curricular offering, it’s about friendship, it’s about young men and women living and working together in harmony, it’s about fun, it’s about embracing new opportunities, it’s about developing open and enquiring and nurturing the character and courage to make a valuable contribution in a changing world. IIE is an institute that understands that ‘what matters most’ in achieving these outcomes is quality teaching, supported by the development of good future teachers.

IIE is committed to developing, nurturing, and building the very best teachers.
I trust that this website will provide you with a sense of the dynamic and caring environment that exists at our Institute and that you will visit us to experience for yourself the energy and enthusiasm that makes IIE so special.

Mr. R.K. Upadhyay
IIE, Meerut


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Our Vision

To prepare intellectually competent, socially concerned, morally upright, and technically inclined teachers who act as catalysts to shape India’s destiny.

Our Mission

To empower prospective teachers through the continuum of knowledge and wisdom by equipping them with the latest techniques assisted by technology.

Our Objectives

The objectives of the institute are as follows:-

  •   To provide an environment to train teachers that is economically affordable yet qualitatively superior.
  •   To equip trainee teachers with skill-sets that would enable them to integrate into the existing school system with ease.
  •   To develop reflective practitioners in the teaching learning process.
  •   To create teachers with high levels of sensitivities in the domain social and emotional intelligence.
  •   To build on the qualities of National Integration, Tolerance, Justice, Fraternity, Liberty and Equality in the trainee teachers.
  •   To inculcate spiritual values in teachers for their holistic development.
  •   To provide opportunities to explore and discover integration of technology into the teaching learning process.